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Full Version: Ortelia Curator stopped by Virus Scanner
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Recently we encountered an issue where AVG virus scanner will block Curator from starting during the license checking stage of start up. We are looking at what can be done to prevent this from happening but in the meantime below is a work around.

For the case of AVG an exception needs to be set up. The same should apply to other virus scanners that are causing this problem. The following work-around is for AVG.

1. Open the AVG interface and click on the 'Computer Protection'.
2. A new panel will appear. Click on 'Settings'
3. The panel will change to reflect your choice. Click on 'Exceptions' on the left hand side.
4. The window will change to reflect the current exceptions. Click on 'add exception.
5. Under exception type select 'file' from the dropdown menu
6. In the file path dialogue type the following address replacing the 'ComputerName' with the name of your computer.
7. Click okay when you are finished.

Curator should now run without any issues.