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Do you prefer a train trip or a bus?
06-02-2018, 08:53 PM,
Do you prefer a train trip or a bus?
Nowruz's journeys are on the way and, like previous years, the hotel's booking market and the purchase of airline tickets, especially the charter tickets that are hard to find, are very hot! But perhaps you, like many others, would like to travel by train or bus during these days. Among the cities of Iran, as you know, during the days of Nowruz, the holy city of Mashhad has always been the record for the most pilgrims and tourists.

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Train tickets to Mashhad generally have multiple pricing, depending on the train type and its grade. Definitely a luxury train has a higher cost. If you are an enthusiast to travel by bus and train instead of an airplane, it's best to bring along the end of this article.

As you get closer to the end of the year, today you have to plan your trip and specify your date and destination, as it is very difficult to get train tickets in the last days of the year and there is a very high demand for train travel. On the other hand, the bus is also a very good alternative to close travel, the bus fleet has changed a lot in the last decade, and a variety of these buses have entered the service cycle. The bus route is cheap, but it should be Considering that more hours should be on the go.
Features of the first class train to Mashhad

If you are planning to travel to Mashhad, you should use the train. The train provides more memorable moments for you along with your family. First class trains to Mashhad have 4-seater and 6-seater coupes. First class Mashhad train has excellent service and services and all routines are scheduled. Each coupe has two-story beds and a separate TV.

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In each coupe, there is a section for visiting the outside of the train. The crew are routinely ready to serve. Auto-busy speaker on the train Announces the time interval to the destination. The first class train ticket is offered to Mashhad at an ideal price. This kind of train is usually more attractive to travelers than class and luxury trains.
Features of second class train to Mashhad

If you want your trip to be at the right price, it's better to go to second class trains. Second class trips with acceptable facilities. These trains have separate or busy coupes. Two-meal service is available. You can usually use the special train services for meals. This trip will definitely give you satisfaction. Second-class trains are fast-paced and sample-driven, which is slightly more expensive than the first one, but saves you money. The features offered by second-rate trains will certainly be acceptable given the very cheap price.

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How to book a train in Masoud

To book a train in Mashhad no longer needs your presence, you can only book a train ticket by one call. Advisers on this line provide accurate explanations for each train and facilities each one. You can also review the descriptions of trains of varying degrees through the sites that are active in this field. Please note that choosing the standard site for booking tickets is a matter of great importance. Typically, tariffs for train-class tickets vary widely in various travel sites, and this will be directly related to the facilities of these trains.

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Of course, as you know, you can also use the plane to travel to the holy city of Mashhad, and have less time (about 1 hour) on the route, but surely the train and bus are affordable to travel to. Mashhad and, of course, their special attractions, such as stopping in the cities between the route. To make a bus ticket, you can also apply online or in the presence of your tickets at the terminals of our country's cities; we hope to have a special and memorable journey in Nowruz 97 to Mashhad.

17-12-2019, 03:24 PM,
RE: Do you prefer a train trip or a bus?
Thanks for the info.

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RE: Do you prefer a train trip or a bus?
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RE: Do you prefer a train trip or a bus?
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RE: Do you prefer a train trip or a bus?
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RE: Do you prefer a train trip or a bus?
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RE: Do you prefer a train trip or a bus?
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