Ortelia Product Installation Guide

System Requirements

The following hardware and software configurations are recommended for running Ortelia Curator.

Internet Connection:

  • In order to activate Ortelia products you will require an internet connection

Operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows XP® (SP3)
  • Microsoft Vista®.
  • Microsoft Windows 7®
  • Macintosh and Linux operating systems are not supported.
  • Recommended minimum of 2Gb of RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or Quad Core processor or above
  • DirectX 9.0c (and above) capable graphics card with a minimum of 512Mb graphics memory (we recommend Nvidia graphics cards, see below)


  • Recommended minimum of 2Gb of RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or Quad Core processor or above
  • DirectX 9.0c (and above) capable graphics card with a minimum of 512Mb graphics memory (we recommend Nvidia graphics cards, see below)

Important Note

Ortelia Curator leverages many of the latest developments in graphics cards technology. Specifically, the interactive environment utilizes Microsoft DirectX  Shaders (Shader Model 3 support and above). Your graphics card should support Microsoft DirectX 9c and above to ensure that your environment will display correctly. The following graphics cards are a minimum specification required to run Ortelia Curator.

Minimum Graphics card specification

ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series. and above – 512Mb Memory and above

NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series and above – 512Mb Memory and above

Note: We do not recommend the use of integrated motherboard graphics cards. It is highly recommended that a stand-alone graphics card be used.

Installing Ortelia Curator™

Important Note: It is highly recommended that you have Administrator privileges when installing Ortelia Curator

Locate OrteliaCuratorSetup.exe run the file by double clicking it using the Left Mouse Button. It is recommended that you exit all your other running programs.

Step 1InstallStart

When you run the setup file you will see the following window.

Step 2UserAccountControl

(Windows Vista / Windows 7) You may see a User Account Control message. In this case, allow the setup to run by clicking Yes.

Step 3InstallLicense

The following screen will be the License Agreement. You will need to click ‘I Agree’ in order to proceed with the installation of the software.

Step 4InstallLoocation

Following the component selection screen you can choose the destination folder you would like to install to. You can choose the default location or a destination of your choice. Once you have chosen your destination click ‘Install’.

Step 5Installing

The Ortelia Curator Installation will begin.

Step 6InstallFinish

When the installation completes click ‘Finish’ to close the installation window.

After you have installed Ortelia Curator you can start it by accessing the ‘Ortelia Curator’ menu in the windows Start menu or the desktop shortcut.

Activating and Deactivating Ortelia Curator

When you purchased Ortelia Curator you were issued with a license number and password.

Important Note: Keep your license number and password in a secure location as you will need them if you deactivate your license on one computer and re-activate it on another.

In order to use Ortelia Curator you will need to activate your license. The first time you start Ortelia Curator you will be prompted to activate the license.

Note: You will require an Internet connection in order to activate your license.

  • Be sure to have your license ID and supplied password ready.
  • Activation is a one-time only operation unless you choose to deactivate your license on a specific computer and reactivate it on another.

The first time you start Ortelia Curator the screen shown here will appear asking you to activate your new license.


Follow the procedure outlined below to activate your license on-line.

 Activation2  Activation3
1. Click on ‘Activate Ortelia Curator’ 2. Click on ‘Activate Ortelia Curator Online’
 Activation6  Activation7'
3. Enter the supplied License number and password and click ‘Continue 4. Ortelia Curator will communicate with the licensing server.
5. If you license and password are valid you will see  ‘Activation Successful’. Click ‘Continue’ to start Ortelia Curator  

Should you wish to transfer your license to another computer you will first need to deactivate the license on your current computer and then reactivate on another that has Ortelia Curator installed. (There is no limit to the number of time you can activate and deactivate a license)

To deactivate your license go to the Ortelia Curator Start menu.


I.            Click on ‘Deactivate License’

II.            A dialogue box will appear prompting you verify deactivation.

III.            Once the license is successfully deactivated you will receive a confirmation dialogue.

You can now follow the activation procedure outlined above to reactivate the license.