The Man With 100 Faces

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This project is a fusion of immersive 3D game play and website interaction. Players gather clues during the 3D game-play and use these clues to solve puzzles such as ciphers on the dedicated website (To be announced shortly). The information gained from the puzzle solving exercises, in turn, allow the player to progress through each level of the game. This presents unique user/player experience across differing information platforms.

The project as described in the words of the producer Kevin Purcell

The Man With 100 Faces is the world’s first combined transmedial and live-performance theatre work.  Designed for multi-platform distribution of the narrative, this dramatic entertainment propels audiences into a blurred fictional-reality world.  The storyline and interactive elements move seamlessly between part augmented-reality game, part digital opera, part musical theatre piece, part social-media conversation, and video curated performance.  As the story unfolds across time and space, not only do interactive users/audience not know what is actually real and what is contrived (both conditions apply), but are left continually wondering whether the astonishing secrets and revelations revealed are simply the machinations of one man’s imagination, or a more sinister reality masquerading as fictional espionage? The Man With 100 Faces will be released in 2017.  The project’s conclusion remains unknown as the creative authors continue to discover ever more mysteries yet to be adequately explained by the relevant authorities.

The creative team is comprised of:

Kevin Purcell: Music, Creative Direction and Project Lead
Victor Kazan: Book/Libretto/Lyrics
Mark Buys: Additional Music and Orchestrations
Jonathan Gaszi (USA): Mis-en-scène sountrack and audio design
Walter Dobrowolski: Video Director
Amanda Howes: Art
The Ortelia Team: Technical Development, Art Development, Interactivity, Project Management

We will be updating this page regularly so check back to see the next chapter in this exciting project.



Ortelia Interactive Spaces is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with Kevin Purcell to create an innovative 3D interactive story telling experience. Ortelia's task is to provide the technical know-how and development required to bring our client's vision to reality. We are working closely with the creative authors to help them understand and navigate the complexities of creating a user experience based on video game technologies.


Kevin Purcell


Technical Development, Art Development, Interactivity, Project Management