In light of the current unprecedented situation posed by COVID-19 and its severe impact on Galleries and Museums, Ortelia is temporarily offering a web publication service for new and existing users of Ortelia Curator. We can convert your exhibition design files to an online interactive 3D exhibition which can be embedded in your own web page. This service offers a rapid way to re-purpose existing analog experiences or bring new exhibitions online.

What are the terms?

Existing Users

Send us your Ortelia Curator exhibition design save file and Ortelia Space Builder gallery space file and we will convert your exhibition to an online interactive exhibition for a flat rate of $500 USD. Some restriction apply. Please see below.

New Users

Subscribe to Ortelia Curator Pro and commission a custom gallery and we will publish your first online interactive exhibition free of charge. Some restriction apply. Please see below.

What You Get
  • A 3D interactive exhibition which can be hosted on your website
  • All artworks in the exhibition are interactive and display a pop-up information panel when clicked.
  • Pop-up information panels can contain, Text, images, video or sound.
  • No restrictions on use.
  • Instructions for embedding the exhibition in your website.

An example of a live published exhibition with custom gallery space created by Ortelia can be seen here.

  • A maximum of 60 ‘2D’ Artworks
  • A maximum of 10 ‘3D’ Artworks
  • A Maximum of 5 ‘Video’ Artworks
  • A Maximum of 5 ‘Sound’ Artworks
  • Pop-up information panel restricted to descriptive text and a single image, video or sound

Additional conditions may apply.

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