About Ortelia Interactive

Ortelia delivers exhibition design software and audience engagement applications to the cultural heritage sector. Over 150 galleries, museums and industry consultants trust us and our products.


Ortelia Interactive is committed to innovative digital services and audience engagement applications for the GLAM sector. Our exhibition design software, Ortelia Curator, assists with active exhibition design while providing a practical way of archiving important exhibitions. We create interactive 3D and 2D narrative driven environments using client content (existing exhibitions or collections). Interactive virtual exhibitions can be delivered across the web, to mobile or desktop devices.

As a company our underlying aim is to explore the dynamics of cultural space. By granting public spaces a virtual presence, we provides users with the means to more profoundly engage with, and understand, the nature of those spaces.

Ortelia takes its name from Abraham Ortelius, a sixteenth-century geographer who is credited with making the first map of the world, Theatrum Terrarum (Theatre of the World). We provide users with new ways of mapping their cultural worlds.

The Ortelia team is made up of professionals from the fields of gaming technology, drama, real-time modelling and content development.