Ortelia Curator

Redefining Exhibition Design and Planning
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Used by hundreds of Galleries, Museums and Exhibitions Designers Worldwide

Experience the next evolution in exhibition design with Ortelia Curator, groundbreaking software that empowers museums, galleries, and creative professionals to easily curate, plan, archive and share exhibitions like never before. Forget complex cad programs – Ortelia Curator is fast, powerful and incredibly easy to use.  Unlock the true potential of your exhibitions with Ortelia Curator!

Exhibition design software developed for museum and gallery professionals.

A proven time-saving tool.

Connect to your Collections Management System and automatically import artworks to scale.

Place and light, multiple artwork types (2D images, video, audio and 3D models).

Test your design concepts in real-time.

Export professional design elevations and plans.

Minimise physical handling of artworks.

Ideal for travelling exhibitions.

If you’re serious about exhibition design this is the tool for you.

“With 25 years in the gallery and museum sector, as an education officer, gallery director and now as an independent curator, I find Ortelia Curator a unique and complete application for developing and managing exhibitions [and] an invaluable communication, planning and management tool. “

John Waldron, Blue Sky View

“Ortelia Curator is easy to use. It’s clearly laid out and intuitive so we don’t have to work in it all the time to remember how to use it. The amount of power in this tool is astounding.  It’s truly amazing!”

– Stephanie Wilson, Project Manager, Collections and Interpretation, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

“Ortelia Curator is an efficient and accessible program. It allows me experimentation, flexibility and planning in the lead up to exhibitions. It’s easy to learn, simple to use. ”

– Ingrid Hedgcock, Curator and Collections Manager, Margaret Olley Art Centre, Tweed Regional Gallery

Drag and drop

Easily and accurately place artworks, panels, lights and plinths throughout your gallery.

Customise everything

Full customisation. Add and control artworks, frames, walls, colours, lighting and more. Perfect the lighting position and intensity. Bring your exhibition to life, from your computer.

Import artwork from your computer or CMS

Import images, videos, audio and 3D artworks. Artworks can be imported manually or from your Collections Management System.

Test for sunlight

Do you have a artwork near to a window? Quickly test if the sunlight hits it during the day. Your virtual gallery is based on real world positioning.

Export elevation outputs

Have everything handy. Share your ideas and work with your team. Export all elevation and blueprint drawings for each space and wall of your gallery or museum.

Turn your floor plan into a virtual gallery

Create your space in Curator or have Ortelia create an exact replica of your gallery. Contact us to get started.

Operating system
Curator is available for Windows and Mac computers only.
Publish to your website

Have Ortelia publish your virtual exhibition to the web.


Custom Gallery Spaces



Exact replica of your
gallery by the experts.

Our talented team can custom build an exact 3D digital model of your space. Contact us for more information.

Curator Pro

Per Month
Or billed annually.

Perfect for exhibition
and touring teams.
Space Builder
2D, 3D & Media Artworks
Didactic Panels
Custom Framing
Plinths and Cases
Temporary walls and shelving
Full Customisation
Import from CMS
2D Elevation and Blueprint Output
Unlimited Artworks
Unlimited Exhibition Designs
No restrictions on space size

Digital Exhibition Publishing Services

Host your 3D interactive exhibition on your website

Cloud hosting available

We will convert your Ortelia Curator exhibition design files to an online interactive 3D exhibition which can be embedded in your own web page.

“…we now use Ortelia exclusively. It is fast, accurate and the results permit, among many other functions, minute adjustments on the run, experimentation with texture, colour and lighting, and virtual “fly-throughs”. These functions have become invaluable in the collaborative environment of museum exhibition design where curators, designers and production teams work closely together.”

– Dr Campbell Gray, Director, The University of Queensland Art Museum

“Museums & Galleries of NSW have been using Ortelia Curator in our touring exhibitions for over 4 years now and it has proved to be a vital tool for exhibition design across distance.”

– Rachel Arndt, Gallery Programs and Touring Exhibitions Manager, Museums & Galleries of NSW