Ortelia Curator 2020 Change log – 20/03/2020​

Below is the latest Ortelia Curator 2020 change log for March 2020. 

  • Improved graphics when using the “High” graphics setting available in the settings menu.
  • Linked didactic panels are now removed when removing artworks if the “Place Panel” option is enabled (only applies to works imported via csv).
  • All new Recent and Documents file browser on launch screen.
  • Added a simple demonstration exhibition file.
  • Improved floor reflections.
  • Exhibition files will now remember the space they are associated with.
  • Mac hotkeys changed from Ctrl + X to Command + X.
  • Fixed input tabbing issue with 2D Artwork dimension inputs.
  • Mac rendering engine update.
  • Fixed issues on Mac when importing media art files containing special characters.
  • License system improvements.
  • Fixed issue with elevation output occasionally rendering removed artworks.
  • Fixed issue exporting elevation PDF on Catalina operating system.
  • Fixed issue where Ambient Occlusion would remain enabled when starting Curator with low graphics settings.

As always we will continue to roll out features and enhancements throughout 2020. Subscribers will have automatic access to new features and enhancements as and when they are released.

The Ortelia team