Ortelia Custom Galleries Service
Client: Ortelia Curator Users

Custom 3D Gallery Modelling Services

We undertake custom 3D gallery modelling services for Ortelia Curator users. We can recreate you real or imaginary space in high detail. Geographical location is no barrier to creating your space.

Why Consider a Custom Gallery Model

Ortelia custom built gallery spaces reflect the real-world space and provide another level of design experience. In particular, recreating your space in high detail provides you with a more intimate design experience and improves communication with your stakeholders.

As a designer I could use a basic construction and know what the exhibitions would look like. Communicating the overall design to stakeholders requires a higher level of detail especially if they haven’t been to the art museum (which happens quite frequently). With a custom built space curators, artists etc. get to see all of the details of the exhibition. Brent Wilson

Production Manager, University of Queensland Art Museum

Custom gallery space are ideal for spaces that have been re-purposed to gallery use or contain architectural features very specific to the space. Custom galleries are ideal in the situation where you spaces are being refurbished. The refurbished digital space can be delivered well ahead of the physical opening of spaces giving you a head start at testing your opening exhibitions.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is in a weird building; it used to be a church. While it has been heavily renovated to meet the Museum’s needs, not all of our walls are square or straight. Having a custom built space in Ortelia makes all the difference for exhibition layouts. It helps us to more accurately estimate each gallery’s space and capacity. The custom gallery service for Ortelia Curator was affordable and significantly quicker and more accurate than mocking up our 5,000 square foot galleries based off of 20+ year old floor plans – trust me, I tried! Stephanie Wilson

Project Manager, Collections and Interpretation, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

You Decide What You Need

We work with you to ensure that the final gallery space meets your requirements. We ensure items such as floor coverings, wall paint codes etc are strictly adhered to. Your space can include lighting rails, ceiling and wall furniture and any particular details you feel are important to the narrative of your space.

Benefits of a Custom Gallery

There are many benefits to choosing a high detail custom gallery space.

These are:

  • An exact replica of your spaces including details such as wall and ceiling furniture (Light switches, sensors, Lighting rails etc.)
  • Guaranteed high spatial accuracy. Depending on the accuracy and fidelity of supplied plans.
  • Exterior views can be incorporated.
  • A more intimate design experience
  • Accurate external light effects
  • Web-ready 3D model. Ideal for online interactive 3D exhibitions of your Ortelia Curator design files.

Data Requirements

All we require to create your space are:

  • Accurate Floor plans – Can be in pdf format or CAD drawings
  • Accurate Elevations (If available) – Can be in pdf format or CAD drawings
  • Ceiling heights
  • Photographs of the space and, if available, a video walk-around

Once the space has been completed it is provided to the client to view in Ortelia Curator and provide any feedback for changes or corrections.

The final space is exported with correct geographical coordinates and world orientation embedded so that any external lighting effects can be tested.