The Princess Diana Virtual Museum

The exhibition boasts a purpose built space designed to house the extensive collection of objects. The 3D interactive real-time environment houses 544 3D objects and 1489 2D objects. Objects range from clothing, personal effects, photographs, audio interviews, video, mixed media and much more. Each object in the collection is streamed in real-time. The exhibition is linked to the foundation’s CMS allowing instant design updates. Objects in the collection are interactive allowing users to delve deeper by viewing associated written, audio and graphical content.

The environment is augmented with a virtual tour that guides users through the space as well as providing an interactive navigation tutorial. The museum hosts a live chat system (text, audio and video) thereby allowing users to communicate with each other whilst in the space. All 3D and 2D content is streamed in real-time thereby reducing loading times.


This project represents an innovative evolution in the presentation of museum content to a wider audience. The establishment and operation of a physical space to house the Diana collection was cost prohibitive. The development of this project allows the entire never-before-seen collection to be delivered to a wide audience in a traditional museum format whilst providing a high level of interactivity and agency to the user.