The Princess Diana Virtual Museum

Experience the captivating Princess Diana Virtual Museum, an initiative of the Princess and the Platypus Foundation. In 2020, Ortelia was commissioned to create this groundbreaking virtual museum, which involved constructing a purpose-built gallery space, converting materials into immersive 3D models, and developing an interactive online environment.

Immerse yourself in a 3D interactive real-time environment housing 544 3D objects and 1489 2D objects, including clothing, personal effects, photographs, audio interviews, videos, and more. Each object in the collection is seamlessly streamed in real-time, while instant design updates are made possible through the exhibition’s connection to the foundation’s CMS. Explore the interactive objects, providing associated written, audio, and graphical content for a deeper understanding.


Embark on a virtual tour that guides you through the space and offers an interactive navigation tutorial. Engage with fellow visitors through a live chat system supporting text, audio, and video communication. Say goodbye to loading times as all 3D and 2D content is streamed in real-time, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience.