Recreation of the Rose Theatre
Client: Undisclosed
3-D virtual building
Virtual Reality

Ortelia’s recreation of the Rose Theatre, based on Lazaros Kastanis’ PhD research, is a vital part of the Visualising Lost Theatres project. It unveils the venue’s small and dimly lit nature while exploring its social and political histories. The Rose Theatre hosted Christopher Marlowe’s and William Shakespeare’s early plays, situated near the famous Globe Theatre on the south side of the Thames.

This model meticulously traces the architectural evolution of the Rose Theatre from its 1587 inception, encompassing several expansions. Built in VR form using archaeological records, input from theater architects and historians, and comparisons to surviving buildings of the era, it sheds light on historical mysteries that have perplexed theater scholars for centuries. The VR model authentically reflects the London summer weather, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the venue’s past. By utilizing advanced real-time lighting and shadowing techniques, the model not only validates proposed reconstruction scenarios but also provides insights into the theater’s usage and presentation.

Early Iterations of the Rose Theater VR model