Following on from the great success of the Mobile Museum project Ortelia returned to New Ireland province in Papua New Guinea in October of 2014. On this trip Ortelia delivered software and training services to allow local communities to capture and document cultural heritage objects and art in 3D. The object of this project has been to enable local communities to begin the digital cataloging and documentation of  cultural heritage objects such as carvings and other cultural artefacts.
Adam Kaminiel (Seen below) a key local figure in the village of Madina undertook training in converting photographic images to 3D digital objects. The program involved training in the acquisition of images for digital conversion to 3D models and the actual process of conversion using off-the-shelf software. The project used PhotoScan™ conversion software. The outputs from the 3D conversion process can be imported into the Mobile Museum viewing application which allows additional annotation and comparison with other works in the database.

The training has been a great success and now additional individuals will be trained by local people such as Adam. The particular method of 3D acquisition was chosen as it is inexpensive, easy to learn, robust, relies only on a digital camera and is very portable.