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High-End Digital Solutions
We take pride in the fact that we have a deep understanding of the Cultural Heritage sector. We understand the needs of the sector and its fiscal constraints. Our mission is to bring the available digital technologies to you in an innovative and effective manner and to allow you to extend your audience reach.
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3-D modelling
Virtual building
Ortelia specialises in the modelling and archiving of heritage buildings. Historic venues may wish to show their patrons a view of the venue in previous incarnations, and Ortelia’s virtual modeling easily accommodates those needs. It also allows venues to display some of their objects and works in more than one location or context.
3-D modelling
Virtual venue
Ortelia can create a fully-detailed, interactive models of your gallery venue. We also ‘install’ an exhibition, either one that is upcoming, or a past exhibition if you have the images of an exhibition that is no longer on display. Model your venue virtually to reuse it for each new exhibition that is shown in this space. Offer guided tours of the venue as well as the option for your audience to explore the gallery or museum by themselves. Our applications provide museums and galleries a means of extending their audiences.
Interactive and engaging
Online exhibition
We provide virtual models of art exhibitions, museum objects, and videos, with the sound tuned so that it replicates the level of sound in the ‘real’ exhibition. We also archive exhibitions.
We undertake website development in the Cultural Heritage Sector. We have established a strong network of website designers and programmers who work to the standards set by Ortelia. Ortelia oversight of such projects guarantees the delivery of outstanding products and services to budget and on time. Create a beautiful platform for your online creative solutions.
Virtual Reality
Get ready for the virtual reality revolution. All our 3-D models are VR compatible. Wow your audience, big and small. Let us create beautiful and immersive virtual reality experiences.
Powerful and playful
Educational solutions
Let us create powerful and playful educational content for your next program.
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