Ortelia is committed to providing high quality, interactive, educational, and innovative 3D services for galleries and museums and the education sector. The 3D content that Ortelia develops assists with active exhibition management and curation, as well as providing a simple tool for archiving important exhibitions virtually. Ortelia specialises in creating interactive 3D educational environments using the client’s content (for example, existing exhibitions or collections). These environments can be delivered as stand-alone applications or across the web.

One of Ortelia’s underlying aims is to explore the dynamics of cultural space. By granting public spaces a virtual presence, Ortelia provides users with the means to understand the nature of those spaces more profoundly.

Ortelia takes its name from Abraham Ortelius, a sixteenth-century geographer who is credited with making the first map of the world, Theatrum Terrarum (Theatre of the World). With Ortelia, users are provided with a new way of mapping their cultural worlds.

The Ortelia team is comprised of professionals from the fields of gaming technology, drama, real-time modeling and real-time content development.