Ortelia Product Updates

November 18, 2015 1:08 PM

We are pleased to announce the release of Ortelia Curator and Space Builder version 1.3. In addition to the new updates we have also released 26 new props and a new theatre space for Ortelia Set Designer.

Updates and Enhancements List.

Ortelia Curator

  • Added ability to show wall colours in elevation output
  • Added ability to show artwork colours in elevation output
  • Added ability to scale non sprite 3D artworks (sprites can already be scaled via the edit panel)
  • Plinth nudge tool is now aligned to the plinth’s rotation
  • Plinth measurements are now aligned to the plinth’s rotation
  • Added nudge tool to 3D artworks
  • Added measurements to 3D artworks
  • Fixed selection bug involving sprite and cross section 3D artworks

Ortelia Space Builder

  • Added ability to zoom and pan plan image when setting up scale
  • Grid size can now be changed
  • Added twelve new floor coverings

Ortelia Set Designer – Theatre List and Prop List

Theatre List

  • Billie Brown Studio
  • Rose Theatre (1595 version)
  • Epidauros Greco-Roman Amphitheatre

Prop List

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • 2 Park Benches
  • Bus Stop Shelter
  • Computer Monitor
  • Dress Makes Mannequin
  • Flowers in a vase
  • Ipad
  • LCD TV
  • Office Telephone
  • 10 Paintings
  • 2 outdoor rubbish bins
  • Office bin
  • Telephone Box
  • Umbrella (Closed)
  • Umbrella (Open)