Ortelia Virtual Set Designer

Ortelia Virtual Set Designer has been created to allow Theatre professionals, students and educators of theatre to explore and test the creation of sets and lighting designs in an interactive manner. Ortelia has partnered with the Queensland Theatre Company (QTC) in order to develop an application which will meet the needs of Set and Lighting Designers as well as educators and students of theatre.

Virtual Set Designer is designed for theatres (large and small), performance spaces, school halls and the like. Ideal for presentation and discussion of a proposed set and lighting design as well as testing touring plays in multiple venues.

The following features are available in Virtual Set Designer

  • Ability to import custom Ortelia modeled theatre spaces
  • Ability to build an accurate but rudimentary version of theatre space in real-time with Space Builder (Due for release in Q1 2014)
  • Access to a large collection of generic built in props in several categories (Currently there are over 50 individual props available and the list is expanding rapidly)
  • Drag and Drop functionality for light placement
  • Ability to select, Rotate, Move and Scale Props.
  • Full set of pre-configured, and adjustable, typical theatre lights (Fresnels, Ellipsoidal, Spots, Zoom Spots etc)
  • Lights can be positioned, aimed, shaped, coloured, and full intensity control. Lights cast shadows in real-time
  • Basic primitive set building functionality. (Users can build sets from primitive objects)
  • Save and share set and lighting designs.
  • Generate screen-shots
  • Accurately measure distance
  • Create and place notations

Ortelia Set Designer™ Education version enhances students’ learning experiences by allowing them to experiment with their own set and lighting design processes as well as archived versions of original sets.

Ortelia Set Designer is available for sale.

Download a free fully functional 14 day trial version of Ortelia Curator.

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